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Agriculture Irrigation Systems

Farmore of Idaho, Standley & Co offers multiple options when it comes to designing your irrigation system. Depending on your location, terrain, soil type, your crop and the shape of your field, we will help you decide on the irrigation system best suited for your land. Continue reading or contact us for more information about Farmore of Idaho's irrigation system options.

Center Pivots – Standard – Towable – Swing Arm

Central Pivot Systems

  • Single leg tower: makes system stronger and more flexible to save you money
  • Internal flex joint: better flexibility to reduce the need for repairs
  • High strength steel: lighter and stronger for reduced wheel tracking and better durability
  • V-ring pipe flange seal: never needs to be replaced
  • Double wall tower box with a mechanical interlock system: safer, more reliable than anything else on the market
  • Pipe selection: the widest variety in the industry to give you choicer and better results for your water type

Lateral Pivots (Canal Feed, Hose Feed)

An irrigation pivot watering a flower field

  • The Electrogator II Lateral Move System is designed primarily for rectangular-shaped fields. The system ensures nearly 100% coverage of any rectangular field.
  • The lateral move system ensures equal application rate along the full length of the system. This reduces operating expenses, increases uniformity of application and lowers application rate, which is extremely important for soils with low infiltration rates.
  • The hose feed system is perfect for uneven terrain and is by far the most versatile of the methods.
  • The canal feed power tower is a compact design that comes with a self-contained power unit, generator, and water pump.
  • Both systems offer optimum efficiency and the reliability, for which Reinke is known.

Wheel Lines

Wheel Line Irrigation

The Benefits of Using the Wade Rain W/L Mover:

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Conserves Water
  • Operates on all soils
  • Operates in square or rectangular fields
  • Economical in fields as small as 15 acres
  • Takes the hard work out of moving sprinkler irrigation pipe
  • Irrigates most crops except tall ones such as corn and sugar cane
  • Proven system with over 40 years of successful use

Hand Line, PVC, Fittings and Much More!

Black PVC Pipes

  • Hand Line or Solid Set
  • Hook & Latch
  • Peirce, A&M
  • Ball & Socket
  • McDowell
  • Redi-Rain & Sure-Flo Products
  • PVC Pipe in all Sizes