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An Introduction to Centrisys Centrifuge Equipment

At Standley & Company, we are always working to provide our clients with new and improved equipment, designed with technology and your bottom line in mind. Recently, we’ve begun installing the Centrisys Centrifuge System at a few of the larger dairies in the area.

This equipment solves the common issue of wastewater becoming too nutrient-rich to use on crops. Their purpose is to remove more of the “fine solids and nutrients” from the wastewater (typically in the form of lagoons). For large dairies, the waste mixing with the lagoon water can be heavily weighted with too much waste versus water, making it unusable. And if the unthinkable should happen and the waste-to-water ratio is too high but is still being used to fertilize crops, it will burn the crops and make the soil too rich to grow in.

The Centrisys Centrifuge removes those nutrients quickly and efficiently, with the end result being more of a dry foam; a portable fertilizer making it possible to fertilize several crops with that same lagoon water.

These systems are built to last. All structural components are centrifugally cast or forged for strength, and progressive wear protection prolongs the life of these centrifuges. Made in Wisconsin, these American-engineered systems are the most efficient in the industry.

Have questions about the Centrisys Centrifuge? We’re happy to answer them! Give us a call at 208-324-3341 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.


Flow Meters on Ground Water Pumps

Farmers, you’re running out of time to install your mandatory flow meters.

In 2016, Idaho Department of Water Resources made it mandatory to put flow meters on all deep wells on the Snake River Aquifer. These meters have to be installed before the water is turned on in spring of 2018, or farmers will be subject to fines.

Spring is almost here, so if you haven’t installed your flow meters yet, now is the time. The order serves to replace previous measurement orders imposed by individual ESPA water districts from 2001 through 2013. The inconsistent language of these orders were overly lenient and granted exceptions to many growers. The new order will allow power calculations only under the simplest scenarios, and will create a standard for accurate measurement across the board.

This new settlement will require groundwater users to reduce their annual water consumption by 240,000 acre-feet, and accurate measurements from flow meters are essential for success. Farmers can benefit from flow meters, as well, because they allow them to have better control over water management for crops.

The Idaho Department of Water Resources has provided a list of approved meters. The IDWR tested these meters for performance in two areas: “accuracy of +/-2% flow rate over the entire range of tested flows, and repeatability of +/-0.5% defined as the percent deviation of flow rate from average accuracy at each data point.” Before you select a meter, review the IDWR list completely to choose the model that suits your needs.

Have questions about the mandatory flow meters for your ground water pumps? We’re happy to answer them! Give us a call at 208-324-3341 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.