Farmore of Idaho
Free-stall Alley Cleaning

Advanced Free Stall and Alley Cleaning Systems

Farmore and Standley & Co. offers reliable free stall, lane and holding area cleaning solutions to fit your farm. Our systems come fully equipped with easy-to-operate controls, saving you time and money. Contact us to learn more about our systems.

Flush Valves

Flush Valve

Flush Valves offer an efficient and low maintenance method for cleaning freestall alleys, outside lanes, and holding areas of dairy farms. A flush system is an automated, low maintenance method of keeping your lanes and cows clean.

Free Stall Scrape Systems

Free-stall Scraper

Scrape systems offer a great way to clean long barns that require frequent cleaning. A scrape system can clean two, three or four alleys. Depending on the length of the alley being cleaned you can choose between cable, rope, or chain.

Key Features:
  • The drive units use low HP and require very little maintenance.
  • Can be operated while cows are in the alleys.
  • Automated control panels allow you to clean whenever you want.
  • A wide variety of scraper styles to fit your lanes perfectly