Farmore of Idaho
Pesticide Application On Field

Transfer Tankers for all Terrains

Farmore of Idaho, Standley & Co offers liquid manure spreaders that work well for all sizes of livestock farms and meet the hauling requirements of today’s custom operators. Continue reading or call us to discover our unique line of products.

Tandem Axle Spreaders

Tandem Axle Tanker

The tandem axle is closed by a full-length central tube, providing more resistance for twisting than the conventional open tandem axle. Its specific “V” shape design lowers the reservoir, thereby reducing the height of the center of gravity for greater stability. The wheels are located closer to the reservoir, reducing the flex on the axle. The mounting system of the adjustable tandem under the tank can move the wheels forward to decrease the load on the draw bar or move the wheels backward to increase the load.

Steerable Axle Spreaders

Steerable Spreader

The Steerable Spreader offers excellent maneuverability and control on all types of terrain. Its agility results in less ground impact when turning and its power-steering system and superior quality suspension provide more resistance to obstacles. The walls of the reservoir are made of high quality steel, 1/4" (6 mm) thick. Baffles are installed inside the reservoir, providing excellent manure stability. All of the spreaders we offer are coated with a layer of Epoxy primer and 2 layers of urethane paint making them resistant to extreme conditions. There are several easily accessible lubricating points and openings for cleaning on top of the reservoir.

Truck Mounted Spreader

Truck Mounted Spreader

The truck mount spreader is custom designed for a wide range of vehicles. The tank is made of 1/4" (6 mm) thick steel providing durability. The low profile tanks provides maximum visibility and great stability.